Recent Before & After Photos

Puff Back in Mechanic Shop in Rochester, NY

Just imagine walking into your office in the morning, turning on the lights, and seeing soot everywhere in sight,  what would you do? Our customer made the... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Rochester, NY

Usually people only go in their attics for two reasons: when they are buying a home, or selling a home.  And more often than not, in this part of the count... READ MORE

Water Damage in Pittsford, NY

We received a call from a roofing company at 5pm on Friday afternoon.  The roofers were working on this home in Pittsford, NY when a fast moving rain ... READ MORE

House Fire in Rochester, NY

By looking at the first picture you see, you would think that the fire started in the master bedroom on the second floor.  In reality, the fire actually st... READ MORE

Pipe Break in Apartment in Rochester, NY

From the picture on the left, you can see that a pipe had broken in the ceiling above the bathroom. The water from the pipe caused the ceiling to cave in and th... READ MORE

Flood in Pittsford, NY

The flooded hallway that you see in the picture on the left was a result of a storm surge at a beverage center in Pittsford, NY.  The streets outside this ... READ MORE